Our commitment to quality is reflected in the products we design and manufacture. All HTS AUSTRALIA products undergo vigorous structural design analysis giving you the total assurance that our products will provide outstanding performance throughout their life cycle.

HTS AUSTRALIA products are designed, developed and manufactured at our ISO 9001:2000 certified production facility located in Kefenrod, Germany. Innovation and technology are foremost in the company’s philosophy with substantial investment in the production process being pivotal to our continuing success. This steady investment policy ensures that the company achieves consistently high levels of product quality, efficiency and productivity.

Key design and manufacturing strengths:

  • The company operates from a 64,000m², state-of-the-art production facility designed and constructed specifically for the high volume manufacture of our diverse range of temporary structure systems and accessory products.
  • The facility has the capability and capacity to operate 24 hours per day enabling a production output of up to 60,000 m² of finished temporary structure product per week ensuring high product demand and fixed delivery timelines are achieved throughout the year.
  • An extensive technical design and structural analysis department fully equipped with the latest software, including industry-leading applications such as AutoCAD and Strucad. A strong commitment to invest in new technology enables both new product design, and custom design, projects receive the highest quality, value-engineered solution that matches the exact requirements.
  • The streamlined facility incorporates six, purpose-built production halls, each fully equipped with overhead crane systems which enable the smooth flow of product through the entire production process from raw material through to finished product.
  • All primary frame components (uprights, beams, purlins and gable framework) are manufactured on one of five, high-speed CNC, 5-axis (Computer Numerically Controlled) robotic machines. These advanced production methods offer a degree of precision manufacturing accuracy second to none, resulting in a perfectly engineered end product.
  • All frame components are subject to stringent quality control and final inspection procedures. Following final inspection, products are packed, banded and prepared for customer dispatch.

The entire factory operation is fully supported by a reliable infrastructure system that enables us to produce our world leading clear-span tent systems and accessories both effectively and efficiently.

HTS AUSTRALIA - Leaders in Precision Engineered Tent Systems